Two different worlds

I was born and raised in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. All my life I've spent my sparetime on Blidö, an island in the archipelago of Stockholm; I look at Blidö as my second home. Being raised in two entirely different places has given me some perspective and I can enjoy both the city pulse and the complete silent and still water a summer morning. I wouldn't want to live without any of these places.
I've also lived six months on the Gold Coast in Australia, which is one of the best experiences of my life.
My main fields are writing and web designing.

The most important parts of my life are my family and my friends. Like most women I love chocolate, coffee, shopping and travelling. I also like excercising and interior design.

Accuracy and honesty

I am a hard worker with great ambitions and high set goals. My strongest sides are specificity; I never submit a text with spelling mistakes, I prefer concrete and clean journalism regardless of if it’s about text, photo, web or graphic design, and my loyalty for employers and customers. I believe in accuracy and honesty in any situation. I’ve never missed a deadline, and I’m happy to learn new things.



Josefine Hagström